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All You Need To Know About Ganabol

Aamir G June 22, 2017

While taking any Steroid you must be well aware about the composition and the source of that steroid. Different Steroids has a different effect on our body and it is very much necessary to know how it can effect on your body. There are lot of Steroids which can do similar job so you should know the efficiency and the mediocrity of each one. If you are looking for something for building lean muscle gain, increasing stamina and energy, boosting our Metabolism and for gaining Strength then you can consider choosing Ganabol, an efficient and result oriented alternative.

How Ganabol works?

About Ganabol

Ganabol often refereed as Equipoise or Boldenone has been satisfying thousands of people and are available on the market in 50mg tablets to be consumed orally. However, while dealing with any veterinary-grade steroid you have to careful about the effect on human.  Trenbolone is another veterinary grade steroid which is used to treat variety of diseases in human body, to increase feed efficiency and for building lean muscle gain. It is used by many bodybuilders and athlete for bulking up and to increase the strength, stamina and performance. Ganabol was discovered for horseracing industry to boost the energy and promote recovery of race horses.  It is similar to Dianabol and is a modification for testosterone. Many sportsperson and body builders try to adopt these veterinary grade steroids used mainly for horses to get exceptional result. But they often forget or ignore the side effects which come with this drug. The effect s of Ganabol changes from person to person and hence while injecting a veterinary grade steroid specifically built for more than thousand pound animals, you can be in trouble. So, it is necessary to find a safe range for dosage recommendation before using this potent drug.  Many bodybuilding websites strives to promote these anabolic androgenic steroids for increasing muscle mass and physique. But, it is not always the case with anabolic Steroids. Ganabol is specifically designed for large animals and you have to consult to a doctor prior using it. This drug is moderate in tissue building properties and very low in androgenic properties.

Effect of Ganabol in our body

Bodybuilders used to rate various forms of anabolic Steroids with the highest rating being 500/500. Trenbolone has an enanthate and acetate rating of 500/500 while Ganabol has a rating of about 100/50 which clearly indicates that how weak androgenic properties Ganabol has. One benefit of Ganabol over testosterone is that because of its less binding capability of androgenic receptors it doesn’t attach to the sex hormone binding receptors which reduces the risk of estrogenic side effects. Even at high dosage, this drug doesn’t tend to develop any estrogenic side effects. But, as the dosage quantity increase, the potential for other side effects also increase.  It does aromatize at half the rate of Testosterone and hence it causes gynecomastia and water retention. Also, because of low androgenic properties, it can trigger progestational activity and can also alter female hormones for lactation and breast- feeding.

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