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Buying Phen Q – A knowhow

Phen Q are nothing but multivitamins. When an individual is taking phen caps which are a weight loss product they must also use this phen Q along with it. The manufacturer of these products is Care World LLC. This is from Miami, Florida. The same company markets these tow products. But today it is not possible to get phen Q. This is because they already discontinued it since it was not a good seller product for them. When a person is very active in losing weight, the company suggests taking this phen vite along with phen caps.


The product which was mainly promoted as a supplemental companion for weight loss product phen caps is called phen Q. The company was promoting and marketing this product as the one and only mineral and vitamin supplement which is specially meant for people under weight loss program. But this is not true.

Buying Phen Q


To maintain the required minerals and vitamins during weight loss program phen Q were designed with 19 ingredients. They also claim that this product helps in boosting the mood and energy levels in the body.

The phentermine site has all the information about ingredients list and their benefits as well. Lets look into the ingredients of phen vites.

Folate– this was included for protein digestion and fat burning. This is also effective in balancing the blood sugar levels in the body.

B12- this mainly acts as a fat metaboliser, energy booster, and weight loss aid. This helps in boosting an active lifestyle.

B6-  this is very effective in blocking fat production. This also helps in increasing the energy level and glycogen to glucose conversions.

5-HTp- this is mainly used for mood enhancing and also works as appetite suppressant.

Magnesium- this helps in reducing the inflammation and regulates glucose as well.

Vitanmin A- when it comes to fat and insulin this promotes healthy cell growth.

Vitamin E- this helps in appetite and blood sugar regulation. Also aids in energy production. This is an immune booster and antioxidant as well.

Conjugated Lineoleic acid- the inflammation and swelling resulted by fat cells can be reduced using this. This is a good fat and metabolism booster.

Phosphatidylserine- this is a best cortisol reducer and performance enhancer as well. This helps in controlling resistance to insulin.

L-Tyrosine – this aids in improving the mood and can reduce stress hormones. This is considered as a neuro-hormone stimulator mainly for norepinephrine and epinephrine production.

B5- This is also called as pantothenic acid. This aids in controlling hormone production.

N-Acetyl Cysteine – this is also called as NAC. This helps in increasing the metabolic rates. This is also effective in boosting the fulfillment after food. This is a great detoxifying agent. This aids in muscle mass as well.

Selenium– This is considered as a thyroid aid and this is very effective in boosting immune system as well as digestion. This is an ingredient which aids overall health.

Vitamin C – along with zinc, 5-htp, and vitamin B6 this works to reduce the blood sugar levels and improve the awareness.

Chromium – this helps in controlling the blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity. This also aids in muscle building.

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