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Finding The Right Insurance For You

Adjusting to the rules and regulations of a new country can be extremely difficult, especially if that country is a long way away from the one that you have just left. It’s certainly not easy to start a new life somewhere that’s completely alien to your own way of living – a feeling that British expats in Hong Kong know all too well.
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Whilst most expats do eventually learn how to fit into Hong Kong society, it can take a while for the region’s rules and regulations to become firmly entrenched in the mind. If you are currently planning to move to Hong Kong for a significant amount of time oryou have recently begun life as an expat in Hong Kong, you are advised to take life easy until you grow accustomed to your new home.
Driving, in particular, is not advised for expats who haven’t yet gotten used to the unique nature of the roads in Hong Kong. However, once you’ve experienced the truly phenomenal congestion and traffic that makes up daily life for drivers in this part of the world – you’re more than welcome to decide whether or not you want to become a part of it. If you do, more fool you.Just kidding.
You are going to need a suitable insurance policy, though. Fortunately, car insurance for Hong Kong is expensive but it’s not complicated, says journalist Rory Boland. In fact, it’s extremely simple – there are only two types of policy.
First types of policy
Third party car insurance and it is a legal requirement. You cannot legally drive a car in Hong Kong if you do not have an insurance policy of this kind. It covers you for your liability to third party injuries or deaths in the event of an accident. Some insurers will throw in third party property damage for free, but it is not a standard requirement.
Second types of policy
Comprehensive car insurance and this will cover a driver in almost all circumstances and events. It includes the coverage offered by a third party car insurance policy, but also offers protection against damage to or the loss of your vehicle. When combined, the two policies provide cover for both injuries and vehicle damage.
Comprehensive car insurance is optional. Hong Kong insurance experts actually discourage most drivers from purchasing this kind of cover, say the experts at They point out that it’s only completely necessary if you’re driving a rare or expensive vehicle that will cost a lot to repair if it is damaged.
Despite the extreme congestion, car accidents are relatively rare in Hong Kong – they’re certainly very low considering the amount of vehicles on the road. If your vehicle is not an expensive model, it’s not always a good idea to splash out on comprehensive cover, especially when a third party policy will protect you in most circumstances. As long as you are legally protected, the option to insure your own car is your own.
Comprehensive cover is not a legal requirement in Hong Kong.
Young and inexperienced drivers can find it very difficult to locate affordable carinsurance deals in this part of the world. Yet, this isn’t a situation that’s unique to Hong Kong, say the experts at Almost all nations choose to treat younger drivers as a much bigger risk, even if they can prove that safety is their top priority.
Whilst this can be a very serious problem for young professionals in Britain, it doesn’t have to be a struggle for under 25s in Hong Kong. The city has superb public transport links that are very cheap to utilise. Drivers under the age of 25 years are regularly advised to simply leave their cars in the garage until they ‘come of age,’ so to speak. Car insurance in Hong Kong doesn’t come cheap and it is often a much smarter idea to wait until premiums are lowered.