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How To Have Virtual Office Space

You are having a small business running with single man office from your home itself. When you are marketing yourself in the internet or in newspaper advertisements you need to have official address which is different from the personal resident address. It is where helps the people. You can have the virtual office without any physical office setup available there in the address.

How it works

Virtual Office Space

They provide you with the office address which is virtual and you can have facility like mailboxes, call routing services to your number and professional office setup. This will be extremely useful if you have your business setup in different physical location and want to have some foothold in the new territory but don’t want to spend much on the infrastructure before you get some leads in the marketing front. You will get numerous benefits by having the virtual office with them. You will have additional benefits of having access to their club membership and other facilities which they provide to their regular members. Even you can have the conference call booked in case if you have any meeting with the clients coming up so that it resembles like your physical office. You can pick up the mails delivered during the business hours of the office at any time. They also allow you to use the phone booth facility inside their premises. There are lots of amenities coming with the conference room booking also. The cost starts with as low as $25 per hour. By the charges will be different if you need lot of facilities. For the $25 you will have the basic conference room facilities available in the scheduled hour. It is very easy to become the virtual member in their community. All you need to do is to go to their website and fill up the details.

Once you fill up the details, you need to select the type of the service you require from them as they provide lot of services. After that select the plan which suits you best. Once all the requirements has been filled up its time to pay through the card. You will be getting lot of perks for the amount you are paying to them. It is worthy plan to choose among the competitors. You can visit our website and book the tour of the office locations before you finalize the office space. We always welcome the clients to tour our private offices. Once rented, you need to inform us 30 days in advance before vacating the private office. Apart from private office you will have the access to our open lounges, Conference halls and café.

Apart from these facilities you are entitled to get free android app and access to our online member portal for networking. You can book the meeting and conference room through our android app and portal. All other amenities like water, coffee and tea will be provided free of cost to all the employees without any additional charges. Also you will be getting personal lockable desk where you can keep your items.

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