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How to Lead an Authentic Life in 5 Steps

With all the chaos and complications that surround our personal lives as well as the professional bit, it becomes tough to find the right relationships, to perform well at work and to be happy. We are juggling too much, and it is becoming increasingly impossible for us to be real. The bustling activities are choking our lives, and we can’t even find adequate time to breathe, analyze our surroundings or to step back and to take note of where you are in life. As we lose our touch with time, we are becoming less authentic and more fake.

As one of the best chartered accountant Toronto, you should be reading this article because you’ve realized the need to live authentically. If you feel like you are surviving, existing and not living, then you may want to implement the following strategies to nourish your soul:

  1. Create a connection

The path to authenticity is unique for everyone. Some people connect better with animals, plants, strangers or nature. On the other hand, some people connect better with themselves.

Regardless of your form of connection, you may create a deeper connection by acknowledging a presence, soaking in a moment of greeting, making a phone call or making eye contact. Going for days, weeks or months without any one of these forms of connections will be depriving much-needed nutrients to your soul. You can make connecting a priority by taking walks or making time for your friends and family.

Creating a connection can be as simple as telling someone that you appreciate them.

  1. Take care of yourself

Self-care is an undervalued part of our lives, yet it is an essential part of your life. You need to spend time doing things that you love, as well as the activities that feed your body, mind, and soul.

If you are notorious for pushing your needs to the bottom of the list, then you need to change that. You have to advocate for self by taking what is rightfully yours. Even if you are in love with spending time with your kids, sparing some time just for you has to be the most important thing for you. Do the things that give you pleasure – not your kids or your spouse!

  1. Take a break

You need to take a break for renewal. For most of us, we are super busy and the only time we go through renewal is when we are sleeping. Everything in nature goes through renewal, and that is why we have the autumn leaves falling when they do. Unfortunately, we don’t give ourselves the time for renewal. For authenticity, you have to make time to relax and renew/ replenish your soul.

  1. Engage in community events

Being a part of a community brings you a sense of happiness, and it adds meaning to your life. When you belong somewhere, that feeling shapes your brain, and it promotes more positive feelings. For a healthy life, you need to be a part of a community – community is an important cornerstone.

  1. Tap into your spirituality

It is easy to shift away from the mystical part of life when the grind gets tougher by day. Whether it is spiritual sensibility or being part of religion, that connection to the mysterious is invigorating, and it will keep you centered on something. Your spirituality could be the place you retreat to when things get hard.

Final Thoughts

Simple activities like meditating for five minutes will help you focus on the now, and that will help you become better and lead a more authentic life. You also need to get rid of baggage.

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