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How To Select The Best Garage Door For You

A garage door takes up almost one-thirds of the facade of a house. Adding beauty to your garage door, in turn, adds beauty to your entire house. Derived from the French word ‘garer’ meaning to shelter, garages can be considered as houses for cars. They are mostly attached to houses and joined to the road by a driveway for easy accessibility. Usually, a garage opens with an upward sliding door for the entry of the car and a door at the end of the garage that leads into the house. Garage doors must provide safety, security, space and insulation to the garage.

Garage Door

Main points for choosing the type of door for your garage

The type of mechanism you want and the type of material you need provides a base for the choosing the right garage door. The questions you need to keep in mind while looking for or  selecting a door are:

Usability: Is the product usable and according to what your requirements are? What do you intend to use the garage for? Do you need to put more work or effort into it to make it a better product? Do you need the garage door to be insulated?

Space: Is there enough space in the garage for the door? How much space is available outside? Which is the best type of door that will suit the space you have?

Safety: Does the door come with inbuilt sensors? Will it detect any object in its path and stop immediately? Will the door retract if it encounters an object?

Special features: Can it be operated automatically and manually? Does it have any additional security features? Will it sound an alarm if any forced entry occurs? Do you want automatic locking system for your door?

Appearance: Appearance of the door should ideally match the facade of the house. You need to pick the material which suits your home the best. Most materials can be painted or modeled to look like any other material.

Strength and durability: Will it withstand a break in? Are the material and the locking mechanism of the best quality? Will it withstand any natural disasters?


The installation of a garage door is a tedious process for inexperienced personnel. The garage door is not just a single door to be fixed with knobs and hinges; there are a lot of parts that make up a good garage door. And proper installation of the same is important to ensure not only proper functioning and peace of mind but also safety. It is best to be done by an experienced hand.

Time for evaluation and repair

With natural wear and tear of any mechanical device, comes the need for evaluation and garage door repair. If you observe a squeaky door, or a jerky movement, or frayed cable, do not hesitate to call your garage door professional. He will be the best person to check the problems and rectify it for you. A five yearly evaluation is a good practice to ensure that all the parts are functioning and there are no issues.

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