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Quantum’s Big Time Has Arrived

There have been some dynamic developments in the world of watches lately. With so many noteworthy newcomers to the market, I would like share with you some exciting information about a brand that I love and have been following for a while: Quantum Watches.

Quantum is a brandthat strives to bring style and luxury together for people who enjoy challenging their own limits. Ever since the brand was founded in 1995 with the launch of Barracuda, its first collection of professional diver watches, Quantum has achieved a sustainable growth in the global market, becoming the symbol for freedom and luxury for adventurers everywhere.

Quantum's Big

The brand started gaining international momentum in the late nineties when it sponsored the World Record holder, Turkish female free diver Yasemin Dalkılıç for five years in various free diving competitions, broadcasted both nationally and internationally. Moreover, having collaborated on many special projects with Turkish Air Forces and Turkish Naval Forces, Quantum has achieved a prominent place in the industry. As one of the industry leaders in watchmaking, Quantum has managed to distinguish itself from its competitors with its innovative designs, advanced production techniques and balanced prices.

Now that Quantum has entered foreign markets in 25 different countries with its new global collections, the brand is getting ready to unite its esteemed partners in new markets with many opportunities through the Quantum Customer Success program.The brand is already set to attend Baselworld 2018, the world’s leading show for watches, jewellery and gemstones, which will be held on March 22 – 27to present its novelties to buyers and media representatives from all around the world. According to my research, the unique design features of Quantum watches are what seems to be the most noteworthy for the end consumer.

It seems like the Quantum will continue to satisfy its customers this year, with new quality products that are a perfect blend of elegance and functionality fit for divers, pilots and for those like me who are adventurers at heart.

For more information on Quantum’s collections you can visit the website: