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Reducing Energy Waste of Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Did you know that for some businesses refrigeration costs can add up to 50% of the total energy bill? This is a staggering figure, but following a few simple tips can help ensure your firm’s refrigeration equipment is running efficiently and isn’t wasting energy.

The Carbon Trust recommends a number of measures to help reduce energy wastage, including improving door management and the control of pumps, fans and other equipment associated with the refrigerator. Reducing the heat load on your commercial fridge freezer will improve its efficiency and lead to lower running costs.

Refrigeration Equipment

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Control the Temperature

Make sure you are only cooling your unit to the temperature required for the specific food or goods being stored inside. The Food Standards Agency sets out clear guidance on the safe storage of food. Sticking to the recommended temperatures stops you wasting energy on unnecessary cooling.

Maintain Your Equipment

For a commercial refrigeration unit to run efficiently, it must be properly maintained. Ensure all units are regularly serviced by a professional and that basic maintenance and cleaning is carried out frequently between services. Keeping fans and condensers clean, for example, is a basic job that helps your equipment function properly. Also check for problems with your units regularly, such as loose or damaged door seals.

Keep the Doors Closed

If a lot of loading or unloading needs to be carried out, try to find a way to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Any delays mean the doors are left open for longer than they need to be, pushing the unit to work harder to do its job and use far more energy in the process.

Don’t Overfill Refrigerators and Freezers

All refrigeration units require sufficient space for cold air to circulate. Ensure you have adequate storage space for everything you need to keep chilled, and don’t allow anything to block the airflow. Retailers such as Fridge Freezer Direct supply commercial fridge freezers to a wide range of businesses and can advise you on the requirements of your establishment.

Switch Off Lighting

If the interior lights of your refrigerator are not automatic, manually turn them off when the unit is not in use. If your business uses display fridges or other equipment, always turn off any lights at closing time.

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