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Stop Waiting & Start Receiving Child Support

Missing critical child support isn’t like your flight getting delayed or the USPS losing a parcel. These are mild frustrations when compared to the flat-out catastrophe late payments can be. Without it, providing for your children as a single parent becomes a challenge. In the lead up to the holidays, when money is especially tight as you deck the halls, it can be downright impossible. If you’ve been waiting for you ex-partner to cough up the support they owe your family, stop waiting. The only way you can get what you deserve in the New Year is with the help of a proven enforcement agency.

While the state has a department devoted to sorting our child support, their services aren’t always enough. When their over-taxed and under-funded offices fail to locate and negotiate with your NCP (the technical term for Non-Custodial Parent) a private child support collection agency can complement their efforts. There’s no obligation to close your file with the state department. In fact, they encourage you to keep in contact with the government to increase your chances of receiving payments.

Start Receiving Child Support

A private child support enforcement agency operates differently than the average state office. They benefit from fewer clients and greater resources, so their team can spend more time personally attending each of their case files. When you sign up for their help, you can expect the following professionals to tackle your situation:

  • Government Operations Specialists — Another word for lawyers, these individuals have knowledge of the court system, so they can navigate the orders of your case. These individuals also have strong ties with local agencies so they can determine the best course of action.
  • Investigation Specialists — These researchers are highly talented at locating NCPs. They use a variety of sources to find the person in question, balancing in-person interviews with digital resources.
  • Enforcement Specialists — These professionals are employed once the NCP is located, and they use their abilities as negotiators to convince NCPs to pay child support.

By splitting up their responsibilities between these many individuals, they’re able to create a manageable case load for each specialist. As a result, they’re able to provide the personalized care and attention that each case needs to succeed.

There’s an estimated $990 billion exchanged in child support between parents each year. It’s time that you get your portion without any more waiting. Whether missed payments are a new issue or an enduring problem, a private enforcement agency can help you.

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