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Top Movies Of Martin Scorsese That Should Have Won An Oscar

It won’t be an overstatement if we say that the amazing talent known as Martin Scorsese is one of the most celebrated directors of America who is living till date. He has given us many classics such as Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas and many more. His movies always have been a token of surprise and contain the wow factor. However, the most surprising facts still remain that the only movie of Martin Scorsese that won Academy Award was The Departed, which was not even his best work.

Greatest Hits Of Martin Scorsese That Definitely Deserves An Oscar

I myself am a fan of Martin Scorsese films and it is still a surprise to me that his movies couldn’t get him an Oscar. Working on a great number of movies with many different producers like Julia Phillips, Irwin Winkler, Alberto Grimaldi, Robert Simonds and many more, has indeed got Scorsese sincere appreciation, but nothing pleases a director like an academy award. Keeping that fact in mind, here I am with a list of movies that definitely deserves an Oscar but didn’t get one.

1.    Taxi Driver

Who doesn’t remember the amazing story of the Taxi Driver which depicted the tail of a war with experiencing some mental troubles whose life changes with an unexpected twist? It was more of a shock to us that the movie despite being nominated for the award for best picture didn’t actually manage to win. Martin Scorsese lost the award to Rocky which won the award for the Best Director.

2.    Raging Bull

Ranging Bull was no doubt an amazing movie and the acting of Robert De Niro in the movie brought him the award for the Best Actor who had amazingly played the role of a boxer Jake LaMotta. Along with this he also earned the reviews which were the best in his career. Though the movie brought best acting award, Martin could have earned the award for his direction of the movie. He lost the award to Robert Redford who debuted with movie Ordinary People.

3.    GoodFellas

Released in 1990, this was the very first movie which brought a new touch in the gangster drama movie. The movie also got nominated for Best Director and Best Picture in the Six Academy Award. However, it was unfortunate to Martin this time too as the movie did not bring any award. It was the movie Dances With Wolves directed by Kevin Costner which grabbed both the awards. Luck was just not with Martin. 

4.    Casino

This movie was no doubt a better movie than Goodfellas but it did not bring him any charm too.  Scorsese had a loose history of Las Vegas crime-addled huge popularity which helped him netting one Oscar at Academy Awards of that year that was grabbed to Sharon Stone.  However, the movie was in the fifth rank among all the movies of that year.

5.    Bringing Out The Dead

The movie is a classic one but unfortunately, it was overlooked and is still one of the best performances ever played by Nicolas Cage. The movie just seemed to be released which was probably the last year for all great movies that were released.

So, these are the top movies of Martin Scorsese that deserved an Oscar but was unfortunate that it did not. Which among these do you think should have won an Oscar?

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