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Choosing the Right Canadian Customs Brokers

Customs brokers play a crucial role in business and business politics. They facilitate the shipments of imports and exports for large businesses and shipping firms and ensure all regulations are accounted for and taken care of. These regulations include tariff classifications, payments of duties, and taxes. Here are five basic ways to make sure your are choosing the right Canadian customs brokers for your company.


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1. Access to Beneficial Trade Programs

A broker will provide you with access to beneficial trade programs. They are set up and approved for just such services and are best set up to handle these for you. The right customs broker will, in clear detail, tell you how they can best provide these services for you and your company: customs self assessment, customs compliance, team dedication, multi-country licensing, up-to-date equipment, programs, and technology.

For instance, their knowledge in Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) can help your business create a more reliable and efficient product supply. Such brokers go beyond the roles of import and export and into facilitating the right insights and cutting edge technologies to reduce wait times and border issues, thus saving you money.

2. Customs Compliance Expertise

The right customs broker will have all the knowledge of compliance expertise in your area of product imports and exports. While any company can and will handle your customs clearance, the right company will set up a team for you. This team will have insider and direct knowledge of your particular import and export products. This will enable them to advise you and keep you up to date on the particular laws and taxes regarding your product. They will further guide you through any law changes regarding your product and help the transition to a new procedure be much more effective and cost efficient. This can protect you from costly mistakes and protect your business from lag, costly penalties, and customs edits.

3. Dedicated Team

A dedicated customs broker team can help you stay on top of your business and your customs needs. The one-client to one-team approach provides you with dedicated service providers who can become exports in your customs needs and stay on top of the latest technologies, laws, and customs changes regarding your product. Having a dedicated team can also streamline communications, and allows the team to best suit services for your business’s unique needs in customs,.

4. Licensed in Canada, United States, and Other Countries You Trade With

It may seem a no-brainier for this one, but it is often overlooked. If the customs broker or team you are working with is not licensed in another country you will need a second team in that country to facilitate your shipments at their borders. Having a centralised service and a dedicated team that can sit on both, or all, sides of the respective waters and know exactly what laws and regulations you need to deal with can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. It will reduce errors and facilitate better communications for everybody involved.

5. Up-to-Date Technology

Lastly, you will want to make sure that your customs broker provides you with the latest in innovative technology. This reduces downtime and means that you and your customers can rely on speedy services. Up to date tracking systems help keep everything moving smoothly and electronic transmissions means everybody stays up to date with your shipments. Your business will be at a significant competitive advantage if you use a customs broker with the latest in technology. It can even improve your bottom line.

There has never been a better time to ensure you are working with the right Customs Broker. With ever-changing international regulations and recent news that 70 importers and 45 brokers were suspended for violating customs policies and procedures, the compliance of your business has never been more important.

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