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Are There Any Solutions to the Healthcare Crisis in America?

United States corporations are paying too much for their employee healthcare coverage. The non-stop arguments over the 2010 “Obamacare” law is not getting us any closer to actually solving the problem. With medical costs causing trouble for the budgets of families and businesses alike, the laws being debated will not fix the situation for companies that need coverage right now. The democratic process will eventually result in overcoming what most people are considering a genuine “healthcare crisis”. For now, Americans deserve a better solution than just banking on their issue getting solved sooner, rather than later. Janice Phillips RN Ph.D. explained that waiting for a solution, which will likely be a focus of the next Presidential election, is not an option. Business owners in the U.S. need solutions now.

Healthcare Crisis in America

When considering healthcare spending at a national scale, the spending in the U.S. is significantly higher than other high-income nations, according to the statistics provided by the commonwealth fund. Plus, the statistics that place the U.S. in last place when it comes to high-income nations of the world are from 2017. Since then, the situation has not been resolved. For a business-savvy American citizen, this is a huge concern. Obviously, employees need healthcare support. Naturally, the best corporations want to provide their employees with the best healthcare possible! The trouble is that the current healthcare situation is not conducive to saving money while also providing necessary aid. As it is, companies are choosing one or the other. As Russ Carpel, the CEO of LevelFunded Health said, “…there are some unintended consequences from the Affordable Care Act that have impacted the insurance industry and adversely affected healthcare as a result.” Experts in the insurance field like Carpel recognize that changes have to be made, but everyone in the country is not going to suddenly find the solution.

Luckily, the healthcare crisis for everyone does not need to be solved before companies get the care that they require at a reasonable price. Carpel’s organization, LevelFunded Health, has saved businesses anywhere from $100,000 to $2 million USD per year. Simultaneously, the benefits and high-quality insurance provided is at the level of care that anyone deserves to have. That is why LevelFunded and other top tier insurance organizations utilize their tech-enabled platforms to bring the best care possible to corporations and individual employees in need. According to Russ Carpel, “mid-sized businesses are the places that can make the most out of what we have to offer.” Consider the top mid-sized businesses, compiled by Forbes. Those employers know what they are doing and the reason for their success is obvious.

Over the past year or so, the market has favored employees, which means that employers have to compete to provide their employees with the best possible benefits to suit modern needs. The data does not lie; a huge need for employers to fulfill is the high price of Healthcare and insurance in the U.S. There are inexpensive options out there, like LevelFunded, at least until the Healthcare crisis blows over. Of course, that may not occur for many years.

LevelFunded Health is a national, tech-enabled commercial health insurance distribution platform focused on level and self-insured benefit programs for middle market employer groups nationwide. LFH immediately saves mid-market businesses anywhere from $100,000 to $2 million plus per year on health insurance costs, while simultaneously improving employee benefits, EBITDA, debt ratios and exit valuations. LFH works with over 60 A-rated (AM BEST) national insurance carriers (medical stop loss & fully insured) to commoditize the commercial medical benefits sector nationwide.

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