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Detailed Information on Godrej Typing Machine

The year 1955 created India the first country to produce its own typewriter thus finding a place among some industrialized organization of America and Europe in the market of typewriter production. It was indeed an attainment for a young company India because this first typing machine was specially made and implemented by Indian engineers alone. Naval Godrej was one of the initiated of India’s machine making and has founded the Indian growth and produce of large number of best machines like forklifts, refrigerators and typewriter.

Mission and vision:
Naval Godrej was born in 1916 to the Godrej family that was a household name in the area of home equipment. His father was the younger brother of the establisher of the Godrej group of firms. Naval possess two kids. Both of the children were involved in the group to assist it attain its goal and vision. He has been stimulation behind plenty of successful household items and industrial machines. His goal and vision were to give on self-reliance in company producing. Naval has been one of the identified members of Indian machine association that was accountable for bringing the update of new machines to India.

Godrej Typing Machine

Tool room:
His similarity on machines and tools allowed him to improve the Godrej tool room that became the focus of creativity for him and his co members. Naval brought the production of godrej typing machine and refrigerator to India with the assistance of the tool room. The typing machine was first produced by naval in India and the first Godrej typing machine was produced in the year 1955.Commercial production of the typing machine started later after several trials and errors. He examined lot of model prior he was totally happy with the result of the typewriters. His key goal was to do the lives of the typists easier.

Naval work in the area of refrigeration and some household equipment created it easier for the average man to spend home items produced within India. He also takes steps in producing hermetically sealed boxes which are being availed in several industrial procedures till now. He was involved actively in different lines of business like the building of Godrej Company Township in vikhroli. Naval partnered with ISRO for making the motor casing for satellites. This coordination offered the path to the growth of the Godrej aerospace that is specialized in making inside parts for ISRO space projects. Naval contribution offered him the Padma Bhushan award in the year 1976.

The Godrej group is also celebrating his birth anniversary year this year to honor and remember the visionary goal to create India a leading producer of company items. Godrej typing machine have created a comeback, people enjoy utilizing them and getting them and certain people also enjoy cleaning and repairing the machines to keep them typing. Typing machines can be available in different places. You can also shop directly or looking online stores. Both have merits and demerits. There are many websites that offer excellent typewriters. Check the websites; compare price, feature and other important things before you buy.

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