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If you  deals with the Californio real estate challengers is very tough one. Alternatively we  have the source of hard money lenders Californio which is private one and faceless unity. The following are the reasons for them to give you a loan and also helps to close the deal.

  • Some private investors are ready to invest money.
  • Once we give the application for loan it will provide you within three or four weeks.
  • Most of the lenders donot consider the income but they check your ability and asserts to pay.
  • They give the amount which would be at the time of closing date
  • Many traditional lenders like bank don’t take risk but they take risk.

Collaboration with private investors:


Private lenders give an great opportunity for the private investors . For the business experience it will helpful for them. Here they are not compelled by risk taking  of the committee members or some other government officials. It is the flexible financing one, all the terms and conditions are under the involvement of the customers. There is a rapid response. The rate of interest is reasonable one compare to the government sectors.

Properties type:

In the money lenders criteria there are two types of properties are there. The residential properties with 3 or 5 unit combined one which have to restore, then another type is small properties which will designed for occupancy of one or two clients. These two are totally different which will be sold by low rate and after reorganization it will sell for profit rate this will safe risk for money lenders.

How we find lenders?

                To find the best hard money lenders Californioit is best to contact with the American Association of Private Lenders. It is an industrial trade association which will good interaction with the lenders.

Reason for Investors:

                Compare to bank the rate of interest is best for the investors. There are variety of investments in this. The investors invest in which type he or she like to invest with the secured one.

Reason for Borrowers:

                For the institutions or private sectors the banks are oftenly  rejected their loan. Interest rate are acceptable one compare to all other bank loans. All traditional safe guards are they dealing. So the investors and the borrowers both are satisfied with this deal.


                The brokers should understand there is a best relationship with the investors and the borrowers business will easily goes to top . The commission is easily gained work less and it helps in future business. There are different advantages according to the private lenders are spend their building to the high worth people.

Government Agencies :

Californio District Attorneys Association

California Bureau of Real Estate

Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers

National credit union Administration


                The loan terms must vary from hard money lenders to hard money lenders. The borrowers should confirm with the rate of interest , penalty date and amount, the loan value of that place, the minimum or maximum worth rate of that place and the fees for the loan etc. Also check the terms and conditions for the period which should be signed for the appropriate rate.

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