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How to Find Birthday Gifts for an Uncle and Save Money The Savvy Way

Guys are always the hardest to shop for, especially those to which you’re related. It’s hard to find out what they might like and to make sure that they don’t already have it. Through this article, we’ll walk you through some good ideas on how to find that perfect present for your hard to shop for uncle.


One of the best presents to get a person that’s hard to shop for is food. Food is something that everyone needs, likes, and uses. It’s something that multiples of wouldn’t hurt. Think about what foods you know your uncle likes: maybe he’s a barbeque fan, or maybe he particularly enjoys hot sauces. There are many gift sets you can get that allow the receiver to have tons of options to enjoy and choose their favorites.

Beer Making Kits

Does your uncle have a fondness for beer? Consider getting him one of the many brew your own beer kits and let him make his own at home. This is a present that just keeps on giving as you’re gifting them with a new hobby as well as a way to have a cheaper supply of only the beers he wants. If he likes it, you’ll have gifted him with a long-lasting hobby on which he’s sure not to get burned out. There are so many variations of beers he could learn how to make and so much information available to learn; the sky is the limit.

Gag Gifts

Everyone loves a good gag gift to lighten the mood and ease the sting of getting older. The key to getting the perfect gag gift that’s sure to have them laughing and not disappointed that they got junk is getting one that’s funny while also being something useful. For example, there’s a spray that disguises the smell very well after you use the bathroom; that, a roll of toilet paper, and a candle is equal parts hilarious and practical. After all, everybody poops. Other good gag gift ideas might be body washes and colognes with some funny saying about them smelling or a shoe deodorizer in the same vane. If your uncle is particularly manly, it’s always funny to get them something especially feminine.

Uncles are one of the hardest family members for which to shop. You usually don’t see them often enough to know what belongings they have or don’t have and picking out something they’re going to like without getting them a duplicate of something they already own feels like a nightmare. I recently created my own list of gifts for a wedding using this tool:, you can do the same when looking for other such gifts, including for an uncle. There are a few gift ideas we came up with that are easily doctored and tweaked for customization that are sure to please most uncles and aren’t necessarily a problem if they’re duplicates. These gifts are easily purchased in stores or online, are typically inexpensive, and great options when you’re just not sure what that perfect Uncle present might be.

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