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Magento has become one of the most effective tools for business development today. Not long ago there were a lot of cms systems which were developed by a particular company. Every cms system of course had its own advantages and disadvantages for clients. But there was no one effective tool for ecommerce websites. And of course if you would like to add more functions for your online shop you had to pay much more because such web development company had to create custom extension and modules especially for you. Another problem was support. In many cases no one could guarantee that this cms system will be working for several years and every bug will be fixed ASAP. And of course you did not have any choice because you had to work with only one web development company which created this cms system and could not start working with their competitors who offered you to pay less money.


Everything has changed after the appearance of Magento. The basic version of Magento is free for ecommerce websites. Of course if you would like to get more you should pay. But you are not obliged to do that. And what is even more important is that you are given a possibility to find a lot of Magento modules for sales because it is an open source cms system. That is why you can search Google and find a great number of Magento developers who can develop or sell you any Magento extension that you may need. And of course prices for such solutions are reasonable because competition in this sphere is great. For example, you can install Magento attribute set solution on your website. Using this extension you will be able to create any number of fields for checkout pages which is extremely important today because these fields will contain all necessary information which you require from your customer. You will not have to call them or send additional email to ask about more information. Another solution which you may need is Magento SEO solution. SEO is extremely important today because it is one of the best source of potential clients who are looking for goods online today. A lot of customers use Google, Bing or Yahoo for looking for online shops which sell goods online. And of you would like to get such customers you should adapt your website to the requirements of such search engines. For example you should add custom meta data which is extremely important for them. But doing everything manually for every product will take much time and money which you should pay. Magento SEO extensions give an opportunity to create custom rules which will create custom meta data for every product. Also this extension can create SEO friendly urls which is also important now and do a lot of other things. That makes Magento so popular now.

Mark Guttenberg for with the assistance from Amasty Magento attribute set solution for collection additional order-related information.

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