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Surefire Tips To Prevent Yourself From Identity Theft – Take Care Of Your Hard-Earned Money

Identity theft is the biggest rising crime which has given numerous consumers enough reason for concern. In the year 2015, more than 13 million adults in the US were reported to be victims of identity theft, as per a research and the total fraud money amounted to $20 billion. There are indeed many forms of identity theft but there is one kind of fraud which can occur whenever there is an unauthorized credit account which has been opened. Given the statistics of the number of identity theft victims, can you imagine a world with no identity theft at the present moment? Well, you can’t wipe off this crime but you can definitely take steps to save yourself. Here is some advice from experts.

Surefire Tips

  • Subscribe to an ID theft protection company: There are numerous companies which offer you help regarding identity theft protection and you can subscribe with one of them so that they can help you when you become a victim. You should check out the reviews of identity theft products in order to get more information on such companies.
  • Keep safe all your personal documents: Do you have a financial safe at your home? If you consider maintaining a personal safe at home, this can play the role of a safety deposit box. This safe can easily safeguard documents like passport, birth certificate and your Social Security card.
  • Protect your wallet: The best purse or wallet that you should use is a zipped or locked one so that the thieves can’t simply steal the things from within. Keep your bags close to your body and always have a tight grip on them. Don’t leave the purses or wallets in the car as that may become an obvious place to check out for the thieves.
  • Examine and analyze your bank statements often: There are times when the identity thieves steal your card and keep maxing it out so that you have no money left in your bank account. Hence you should keep getting a free copy of your credit report and also the bank statements so that you may be notified of any unauthorized charges.
  • Cancel cards which you don’t use: Do you see any reason in keeping credit cards which you don’t use? The lesser credit you have, the better it is for you. Hence make sure you cancel those cards which you don’t use.

So, if you don’t want yourself to be counted among the soaring identity theft victims in our country, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips.

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