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Using Anavar: The Before and After Effects

Aamir G July 15, 2017

Anavar is a well-known name which has been used by many people of the bodybuilding community. Even first time users prefer the use of Anavar due to the reason that it has avery little negative impact of steroid use on the body. It can be effectively used by both males as well as females. There are many reports of the before and after pictures of Anavar use on the web. The difference between them is quite impressive. Before these pictures convince you to the use of this steroid,it is important to know more about it.

Anavar pics

Anavar or Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid that is a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone in the body. It was marketed in 1960 by G.D Searle and Company and was marketed and known to have many therapeutic uses. Later according to FDA recommendation it was discontinued in 1989. This drug was reintroduced in the drug market by another company Bio-Technology General CORP in 1995. The common effect of the use of Anavaris increased in lean muscle mass in the body. People often have unrealistic expectationsfor the use of the drug which cannot be met by Anavar. It can help people who would like to attain the perfect physique by the loss of a few pounds who are stuck in spite of a strict regime and regular physical exercise. In fact, there are more before and after Anavar pics which emphasises these change to the body.

Using Anavar

Effects of Anavar

The effect of Oxandrolone is mainly due to the chemical modification of the parent structure of the Dihydrotestosterone. It is due to the replacement of the carbon at the 2nd position in the A-ring with oxygen. This minor modification leads to increase in the anabolic effect and stability of the anabolic. It also allows less degradation of the steroid in the first passage through the liver. Anavar contains an alkylation at the 17th position which adds to its stability.

This anabolic has been favourably used therapeutically in the treatment of osteoporosiswhich leadsto increase in the bone density. It can also cause anincrease in weight before surgery, infection or loss of weight. It is highly anabolic about three times more than testosterone which has a positive impact in the cutting cycle. In fact, due to this reason, many bodybuilders prefer the use of Anavar to get the lean look prior competition.

Before and after effects of Anavar use

Anavar is mostly used beneficially in females as it leads to an increase in the muscle mass. In females even in the bulking phase, puffing of muscles is not a necessity as inmales.  The gain in muscles gives females a lean, toned look which is favored by them. It helps in building strength and boost muscle growth in them.

It is necessary to take pictures weekly when on this cycle as times it does not lead to less than visible changes in the body. When used appropriately it leads to loss of fat along with the increase in the muscle.Such significant fat loss and toning of the bodyis observed in a four-week cycle by which canget your own best before and after Anavar pics. In other cases, you would have to increase the time span to get better effects. In spite of this care should be taken to prevent long term negative effects.

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