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Career Development and Factors Influencing It

Career is a chosen pursuit, an occupation or profession. It can be as well be defined as one’s progression and the general course of professional achievement and working life. We spend most of our time at work or chasing our careers through education. Career development is the process of change or growth of one’s profession or occupation which is indicated in promotion in an organization structure. The topic in career has attracted a lot of attention over time which is indicated by the number of research done on career overtime. The below article is essential in the area of career and improves some knowledge on the same.

Factors Affecting Career and Development

Career and its development are affected by some factors which are important in understanding the concept under study. They include personality of the employee, performed job position, behavior, job presentation, willingness to change the job performed, as well as the employer, education, completed course or training, and, finally, the situation of the company.


Employee Personality

The personality of the employee is an essential prerequisite for working in a particular career. Also, the excellent ideas about nature in working for a particular position directly affect the development of a career as people seek to climb on that ladder in the organization structure. For example, an employee can be an excellent specialist in the lower level but a very poor one at management. They might be forced to work on their development based on their personality which leads to the career progress.

Education and Training

Career development, as well as promotion, is affected by the education adequacy, as well as the training programs and completed progress. Education is an essential factor in the job recruitment and promotions in the organization’s structure. In many groups, it is considered an important element in deciding the fundamental issues at work. Education is an avenue through which individuals gain skills and develop them to be in line with the requirements. And I do not mean academe times when you could find your guy at

Employee Behavior and Self-Presentation

Another factor that affects career is the behavior and self-presentation of the employee. How the superior or the individual in the management view, the employee is more important than the job performance. An employee needs to modify their self with the expected returns or the set goal since diverting from the core ones will affect the self-presentation of the employee to the company. Hence, the performance must be in line with the company goals or mission, which will lead to recognition followed by development.

Job Performance

Another factor that affects the job career is the performance and the superior evaluation. The job performance is one of the factors which influence a career and its advancement within the structure of the organization. It may not be the only factor to be considered in the organization’s structure career development but must incorporate the excellent view on the performance. The superior are the important body who decide on the career progress of their subordinates. The performance goal, on the other hand, is key to the career development that must be in line with the goals. The performance is measured based on the evaluation done by the superiors which are vital to the career development especially in the organization structure.

Company Situation

The situation of a company as well affects the progress of a job. All other prerequisite factors for promotion and development might be present, but the company might hinder the career development. The conditions could be different, but they are inclusive of the economic situation of the market or business, the well required and evaluated the person to a particular position and others. In such situation, it is almost impossible to get a promotion since the conditions do not allow it. Finally, the willingness in changing an employer or job performed is an essential factor in the career development. Sometimes, changing the employee, department or the job position is necessary for promotion. In a situation such that the company does not allow the career development, there is another choice for career growth that includes looking for another position to be able to progress professionally.

The article is critical to the development in the career since they help each one in looking for a good platform to facilitate the same, such as the company which promotes that, and cautions one towards working on the key perquisites. From work, it is evident that education is one of the essential tools for acquisition of skills that will help in the development in a career.

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